Swim Sustainable!

Can swimwear be sustainable? Of course it can! And it should be. And at Jolyn, it most definitely is. Join us in taking a look at the importance of sustainability in fashion and explore Jolyn’s approach to sustainable swimsuits that both look and feel good. 


Treat yourself, or treat the planet better?


It’s a complicated world we live in. On the one hand, we are encouraged to pursue our wishes, and on the other, we are painfully aware that our decisions have far-reaching consequences. Keeping that in mind all the time can be daunting. 


We are, for good reason, reminded almost daily that we should recycle, make more informed decisions on who we buy things from, and that behaving sustainably is the least we can do to make sure there’s a planet left for us to enjoy in the future. 


Consequently, the average shopper looking to lift their spirits with a bit of retail therapy is faced with a dilemma. Get that gorgeous garment on a whim, or make the responsible decision and only buy new things when the ones we own are reduced to rags? 


Well, the answer can be found somewhere in between!


Fast isn’t always better


As you’ve probably heard, fast fashion brands are often criticized for not living up to the principles of sustainability. Not only due to the questionable origin of their products, but also because fast fashion shifts our expectations about clothes themselves.


Nowadays, fashion houses release new collections more often and we are bombarded with new, dazzling ‘must-haves’ practically every other month. And frankly, who has not at least once succumbed to the siren’s call of that slinky-looking dress we didn’t really need? 


However, we tend to overlook the fact that fashion’s effect on the environment can also hinge on how often and how long a garment is used. 


Make it slow, make it last


Fast fashion products are also generally of lower quality, so they show signs of tear and wear quicker. It is quite safe to say that a high-quality piece of clothing worn frequently over years impacts the planet less than a fashion product worn only a handful of times.


Where we buy clothes and how we wear them simply matters. Selecting products that are not only made from better, more durable materials but whose design is more timeless greatly extends the garment’s lifecycle. 


Emotional attachment also plays a huge role in our clothes’ longevity. We’re certain you own a beloved piece or two that you’ve had for years that you simply cannot part ways with. And why should you?


Pick a product you’ll love. Forever. 


Now that we’re safely past the ponderous part of our article, let’s cut to the chase. At Jolyn, we are dedicated to creating swimwear that is equal parts functional, fashionable, and lovable. We want swimmers to feel their best while doing what they love. 


And for that, they need a swimsuit that will last through all the jumps, lunges, and dives! Since products that last longer are more sustainable, we’ve worked to develop a swimsuit fabric that would extend the lifespan of our products. 


After all, nobody wants their glorious new bikini to lose colour after one season of heavy-duty use on the beach, or their training swimsuit to shrink or stretch out after a few laps in the pool. 


Our Foreverever sustainable swimsuit fabric


While swimming is great fun, it puts our bodies and our swimwear through a lot! Jolyn’s response to that is a swimwear fabric technology we call Foreverever. Because that’s just how long it lasts!


Jolyn’s Foreverever fabric is highly resistant to the effects of chlorine, salt water or even sweat. It also has improved shape-retention properties, meaning that it’s less prone to stretching out, ripping, or sagging.


Furthermore, Foreverever swimsuit fabric is fade-proof and offers UV protection, meaning that the colours and patterns of our products (and we do love to keep things colourful!) will stay vivid and intense through all your summer swims. 


That means that wherever you swim, no matter how intensely, you can wear our swimwear all day, every day. Pretty neat, huh?


Flexing the Sea-Flex


Our Foreverever fabric isn’t the only way we try to lighten the burden our planet has to bear. The spring 2022 Surf collection that premiered earlier this year featured our new take on sustainable swimwear. 


All products in the Surf collection range are created with a new sustainable swimwear fabric named Recycled Sea-Flex, made from recycled fishing nets and other discarded nylon found in the ocean.


So, aside from being highly versatile, the Surf collection is also highly sustainable. Add its bold colours and designs to the mix and you get a range of swimwear that is a joy to wear. 


All in all, picking a new bikini or two-piece doesn’t have to be a mind-bender. It certainly isn’t with Jolyn’s sustainable swimwear. We hope you enjoy your next swim! 


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