Which bikini suits me? The 5 bikini types

Summer is here and so is the time when we want to lie on the beach in bikini or swimsuit, go swimming and enjoy the good weather. But year after year we ask ourselves the constant question “Which bikini suits me?” We will be happy to answer this question and more here once and for all!

Which bikini for which figure? Find out!

To answer the question "Which bikini suits me?" To be able to answer the best, we have to look at the different types of figures. There are 5 different types in women. If you are now wondering “Which figure type am I actually?”, You can easily determine this with a measuring tape. For this purpose, the measurements of the chest, hips and waist are taken. For example, if your hips are narrower than your chest, then you are of the V type, but if your hips are wider than your chest, then you are an A type. Determining your figure type is very important in order to find the perfect bikini model for you!

Figure type A:

The pear type In order to balance the upper body with a figure type A, we recommend push-up bikinis or the so-called balconnet bikini tops. These give more curves, so that the general body image appears more curvy. You can also create more volume with ruffles on the bikini top, so that the body takes on the shape of an hourglass.

Figure type O:

The orange type The O body often has to struggle with a corpulent belly. This is best concealed with high bikini bottoms (see our Zoe bottoms) or swimsuits here. The aim is to divert the focus from the stomach and conjure up a narrower silhouette.

Figure type H:

The tube type With figure type H, the goal is to create curves as much as possible. This works with bandeau bikinis, but also with the Brazil bikini. The former gives the upper body more volume, creating the illusion of curves. The same applies to the Brazil bikini, which focuses more on the buttocks.

Figure type X:

The hourglass type If you belong to the hourglass type, you have a lot of freedom with the choice of your bikini and should rather experiment with matching accessories and colors. Choose your favorite piece of high-quality swimwear, but try to keep your silhouette through your bikinis.

Figure type V:

The apple type You have the figure type V and are now wondering which bikini sets your body perfectly? The triangle bikini in particular is ideal for you. This focuses the view on your cleavage. Since figure types V often have a larger bust size but narrower hips, you should definitely pay attention to the right size. We recommend our interactive bikini size chart for relevant information.

Conceal problem areas? These bikinis make it possible!

Would you like to cover up your problem areas with a matching bikini? No problem! Due to the large selection of models, there is an optimal product for every problem area. Are you looking for a bikini for small breasts? Then try a model that has decorations on the bikini top ( you can see our limited edition prints here) and makes the breast appear more voluminous. Bandeau bikinis with ruffles are also particularly suitable, as they give a narrow silhouette more curves. Your goal is more to find the right swimwear for a big belly? Then this is best done with a training costume. This conceals the stomach, but looks beautiful at the same time! There are also bikini bottoms with a high waist as an option - JOLYN offer ZOE bottoms. This also covers the stomach and is currently very trendy.

Self-confidence suits you best!

The question "Which bikini suits me?" we can answer not only with suitable models, but above all with your charisma. Self-confidence really lets you shine! Whether it's blemishes, figure types or shame, what really counts is that we feel good. That is why it is very important to strengthen our self-confidence in order to feel very good in our skin. Years later, you will remember your great time on the beach! Don't you want to keep them in good memory instead of holding onto your insecurities? Certainly not, that's why we say: Bikini on, off to the beach and enjoy this wonderful time with self-confidence and fun!

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