For Women Who Inspire Us

For Women Who Inspire Us

Our Mission

We give it our all - great quality, style, and fit

At JOLYN, we're born and bred in Southern California. We understand what it takes to be an athlete because we’ve been one. And we believe you can be a serious athlete and still have fun. That's why we make things that are colorful, fit great, and last a long time.

Our Community

For Women Who Inspire Us

It all started with a pool deck, a trunk show, and you! Our community of athletic outlaws is so special to us. You’re the ones who spread the word to your friends and made our JOLYN dreams a reality. That’s why every time your school hosts a trunk show, we give a percentage of the sales right back to you. It's also the reason we hire reps who live and breathe their sport.

Our Production

made in the usa, close to our hearts

Quality is the core of JOLYN. We know that as an athlete you need gear that is comfortable, looks good, and stands up to the intensive use you put it through. That’s why we source premium Italian fabrics and put it all together with reinforced stitching. But good product takes more than just fabrics - you need good people! That’s why we keep our factories close by. We stop by visit every week to to make sure we’re cruisin’ on production and they’re still the best technical performance-wear sewers in the game.

Our Jo Pros

We are lucky enough to represent some unbelievably incredible female athletes. From AVP to the deep blue sea, these are the women who inspire our product design and motivate us daily.

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