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Group orders are great. To get started, just email us at
Some questions you might consider before reaching out:
How MANY suits make it a “group”?
Any order for 10 or more people qualifies as a "group" order. That means at least 10 onesies or 10 top/bottom sets.
What COLORS or PRINTS are you looking for?
For group orders, print and color availability is tricky—it all depends on the size of your order. When you get in touch, we can tell you exactly what’s in stock beyond what’s posted on our site.
If you want to add a logo to your suits, we can help. It’s about  5 euro extra per suit for single color and 8 euro extra per suit for multi. Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll get you sorted.
If you are looking to place a group order,  email us to get your order started.