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Discover perfection in every stroke with JOLYN's exclusive swimming costumes for women! Whether you're plunging into the waves or aiming for athletic best performances in the pool, our collection of women's swimming costumes is specially designed for active swimming and offers you the ultimate companion. With a focus on high-quality materials and a variety of designs, JOLYN has just the thing for every active swimmer.

  • Cactguy

    + more colors and prints

  • Lavender & Grape & Dragon Fruit

    + more colors and prints

  • Dragon Fruit & Navy & Lavender

    + more colors and prints

  • Sunkist & Hawaii Blue & Papaya

    + more colors and prints

  • Keylime & Mint & Highlighter Yellow

    + more colors and prints

  • Cranberry & Sienna & Tawny

    + more colors and prints

  • Clearwater & Cabernet & Hawaii Blue

    + more colors and prints

  • Peacock & Plum & Sienna

    + more colors and prints

  • Black & Strawberry & Papaya

    + more colors and prints

  • Paddle & Hawaii Blue

    + more colors and prints

Why choose a JOLYN sports swimming costume? Quality and style in one

Our swimming costumes for women, whether for sports or leisure, are characterised by unrivalled quality and style. The perfect fit ensures that nothing slips - even when jumping off the 10-metre board or during intense competition. And our materials are sustainable and durable thanks to FOREVEREVER fabric technology. Choose a swimming costume that supports your top athletic performance and guarantees that you can concentrate fully on your goals.

Fashionable accents in the water: our variety of designs

Our swimming costume designs for women not only offer comfort and safety for every sport, but also add a fashionable touch. With us, you'll find a variety of designs that will amaze you: 

Looking for a swimming costume in your favourite colour? Discover our range of colours and patterns that underline your personality and make you shine in the water. 

Ready for any challenge: JOLYN swimming costumes

With JOLYN by your side, you are ready to take on any challenge in the water. Our swimming costumes for women are not only a sign of sporty elegance, but also a promise of top performance. Our JOLYN mission is to continuously push the boundaries of water sports through innovative designs and premium materials, and we are proud to represent some of the world's professional female swimmers.

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