Games in the water - Our 5 favorites

Summer, sun, sunshine and, above all, plenty of cooling - this is what our favorite season should look like! However, if you are not one of those people who want to lunge for a long time on the air mattress, then you are certainly looking for a bit of action in the form of water sports, whether in the pool, lake or in the sea. We have listed our best water games for you here, which will bring plenty of fun and movement to your bathing experience!

These are the 5 best games in the water


1st game - piggyback duel in the water

Are you in the swimming pool with your friends and want to try out fun outdoor pool games? Then you should definitely bet on the piggyback equestrian fight. Here you need at least 4 people. A team consists of 2 people and one person per team has to sit on the shoulders of the other person. Now the goal is to push the person off the shoulders of the opposing team. Whoever succeeds in this first is the winner! This water game can also be played in the sea or lake, but the straight floor in the pool supports the balance.

2nd game - pure action with water volleyball

Volleyball is a great game for the water, even for non-swimmers! You are about to your belly button in the water and need at least 2 players and a volleyball. A net is a plus, but not absolutely necessary. The practical thing about this game in contrast to classic beach volleyball is the lack of sand. Even with full physical exertion, you will fall into the water and never get sandy. Note that non-slip swimming pool suits are suitable for water sports games like these. But if you want to look like a professional, then you should rather use our beach volleyball bikinis!

3rd game - Fit in the summer with the Water Olympics

Any number of games in the water can be combined into one big one, namely with a swimming Olympiad. So you can train various types of swimming and have a lot of fun at the same time. In addition to swimming competitions and long-distance diving, deep diving or a water-noodle battle are also ideal. Be creative and think about which water features are easiest to implement in your pool, in the sea or in the lake with your friends. (place holder)

4th game - who can do the most rings from the pool bottom

Diving games like these are particularly suitable for swimming lessons, as it is not only a good workout, but also one of the most popular water games in the pool. With the well-fitting swim caps for women, you are ideally equipped to fish as many rings out of the pool as you can with one breath. This game can be played with any number of people in the water. The person who gets the most rings out of the water in one breath wins. To make the game more difficult, you can also spread the rings around the pool and not just in one place. You can also play this game in open water (sea or lake), but we recommend swimming goggles for better visibility.

5th game - air mattress race in the water

Tired of swimming or diving? How about paddling? The air mattress race is particularly suitable in the sea or lake, because you have enough space here! This water game can also be played by any number of people, it is only important that each person has an air mattress. Each person must sit or lie on their own air mattress and must not leave it at any time during the race. Each participant has to be lined up in a row in the water: 1-2-3 and the race begins! Determine beforehand where the end point is that the winner must reach first.

Always remember that safety comes first. For example, if the current in the open sea is too strong, we advise against these games.

Which game do you like best? Feel free to leave us a comment with your favorite game. We're happy about every Feedback!

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