Swimming during pregnancy?

Many pregnant women are irritated when they are advised to go swimming. They fear infection or that the strain may be too great for themselves and their unborn child. In fact, swimming has immense benefits for both mother and baby. There are just a few exceptions as to when it is better to leave it alone. Find out more here.


Swimming: relaxation for mother and child

As the pregnancy progresses, expectant mothers have a hard time to bear in the truest sense of the word. As a result, many women complain of back and lower back pain, joint pain or water retention. Water has the property that it takes our weight off: We immediately feel lighter and more carefree in water. This is a moment of relaxation that pregnant women in particular get to feel, who suffer from back pain, joint pain, etc. The great thing about swimming is that this effect occurs immediately when we step into the water. And when the mother is relaxed, so is the unborn child, because it feels its moods and emotions.

Health benefits of swimming

Going swimming during pregnancy is also an excellent idea because the body benefits from it in several ways: The circulation gets gently going, muscles and joints are gently trained and blood pressure is regulated. There is less water retention, the risk of thrombosis is reduced and the immune system is strengthened. In this way, many typical pregnancy symptoms can be alleviated. It's twice as much fun when you do something for your health together. For example, many local swimming pools offer aqua aerobics for pregnant women. With professional guidance, you can benefit even more from regular exercise in the cool water. You can also inquire with your health insurance company whether there are such offers in the vicinity. There are many other benefits to swimming. Find out more here.


Are there any exclusion criteria?

Some pregnant women fear that they could get infections in swimming pools. In fact, the chlorination of the water means that there is little danger. However, there are a few things to look out for during pregnancy: If you already have a vaginal infection, you shouldn't go swimming. Since the pH of the vaginal flora can change during pregnancy, some midwives recommend using a tampon with yogurt or special suppositories. To avoid accidentally bumping into you, try swimming outside of rush hours. If you feel sick or have circulatory problems, get out of the water immediately. Ideally, a lifeguard is always on hand to intervene. Lonely bathing lakes are therefore not suitable for swimming during pregnancy.

Frequency of swimming training

Finally, the question arises: how often and for how long should you go swimming? As a rule of thumb: If you have not been very athletic before, you should do a gentle swim training for a maximum of 20-30 minutes three times a week. There should be no overexertion. As in most cases, it is worthwhile to listen carefully to what our body is telling us: This is the best indicator so that you do not over- or under-demand yourself.


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