Swimming Muscles: How does 45 minutes of Swimming affect our body?

The benefits of swimming on our health and fitness are unique. This sport is suitable for all ages and is ideal for developing physical and mental well-being

Two Muscled swimmers

In this article, we will examine what muscles does swimming work and why swimming should be part of your regular exercise regime.

Unique environment

Swimming is a sport that takes your body to a completely new environment - water. In water, physical conditions change significantly, and the body requires different muscles to be used or engaged in different ways

Swimming is an effective whole body workout that engages all major muscle groups, including those of the back, chest, abdomen, buttocks and legs, and is therefore an excellent way to develop strength, endurance and speed.

In addition, buoyant force of water prevents your bones and joints from bumps and jolts, allowing your body to rest from the stresses of other activities. This makes swimming ideal, for example, for pregnant women, people with limited mobility or the elderly.

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Is Swimming good for building muscles? 

Whether it's abdominal muscles, shoulder muscles or gluteal muscles, swimming provides a total body workout.

  • Abdominal and lower back muscles: help keep the body in a stable position and reduce water resistance.
  • Shoulder and brachial plexus muscles: Essential for performing arm strokes.
  • Forearm muscles: Involved in palm strikes in the water.
  • Upper back muscles: Actively involved in water palm strikes.
  • Gluteal and posterior thigh muscles: These muscles stabilise the shoulders and support the body's forward movement.

Aerobic Benefits of swimming

Swimming is an aerobic exercise and a great way to improve cardiovascular health. The water puts pressure on the rib cage, which helps strengthen breathing muscles like the diaphragm and intercostal muscles. Regular swimming exercise increases our ability to use oxygen efficiently by developing our lung capacity. When our lungs are better adapted to the load and can process a greater volume of air, it leads to an improvement in our overall physical condition. 

Did you know that...?

The health benefits of swimming do not end there. Swimming for just 45 minutes a week can reduce stress levels and improve insomnia. Regular swimming also increases resistance to infection and aids in thermoregulation of the body.

How to Swim Properly: Swimming Technique is the Key

Among the benefits of swimming is the flexibility of the joints and spine, especially thanks to different swimming techniques. For example, during the front crawl swimming technique, the arms are kept in maximum range of motion, which increases the flexibility of the shoulder joints.

Keep in mind: a proper swimming technique is key to effective training. It is important to focus on coordination of movements and deep breathing. Different types of swimming strokes, such as breaststroke or crawl, offer different types of exercises that benefit different parts of the body.

Start swimming today!

Swimming is much more than just a sport. It's a way to improve physical fitness, reduce stress and find a pleasant way to relax. Whether you're looking for a way to improve your fitness, reduce stress, or simply looking for an enjoyable and effective physical activity, swimming is a great option. Did you know, for example, that swimming can also positively affect your self-esteem? Because of its universal accessibility and wide range of benefits, swimming is one of the best activities for maintaining general health and fitness. It's now clear that swimming has practically no disadvantages. That is why you should start swimming today!

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