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Dámské Tréninkové a Dvoudílné Plavky

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Plavky co s tebou poplavou několik let! Chlóru odolné sportovní plavky od JOLYNu. mrkni na naši technologii FOREVEREVER.  Prozkoumejte sportovní plavky, které jsou pro dívky a ženy všech věkových kategorií. Tápeš s velikostí? Podívej se na naši interaktivní tabulku velikostí zde.

  • Jackson jednodílné plavky – Navy

    + more colors and prints

  • Tomcat Bikini Top - Navy

    + more colors and prints

  • Jackson jednodílné plavky

    + more colors and prints

  • Black

    + more colors and prints

  • Tomcat Bikini Top - Peacock

    + more colors and prints

  • Blueberry

    + more colors and prints

  • Adrian Bikiny vrchní díl

    + more colors and prints

  • Tomcat Bikini Top - Black

    + more colors and prints

  • Jackson jednodílné plavky

    + more colors and prints

  • Brandon jednodílné plavky – Hawaii Blue

    + more colors and prints

What makes high-quality sporty swimwear? 


Are you looking for sporty swimwear that not only looks good, but is also a loyal companion on the beach, lake or pool? Then you've come to the right place, because we'll show you what to look out for when buying high-quality swimwear and what recommendations we have for you! 


Would you like high-quality swimwear? You should pay attention to this when buying! 


High-quality bikinis and bathing suits are not that easy to find, but at Jolyn we have made it our mission to create swimwear that is not only fashionable, but also durable. When buying, quality should come first, here we have developed the so-called "Forever Technology". Our sporty swimwear is therefore protected against UV rays, chlorine and even salt water. 


Surely you know it yourself, you think you've bought high-quality swimwear, but suddenly your bikini fades and is attacked by the salt water? Not with our models! At the same time, this means that our models are also more sustainable than classic swimwear. Instead of constantly having to buy new products and throwing away the old ones, you have found a long-lasting companion in our bikinis and bathing suits! 


You can discover these categories with us! 


Now you're wondering what stylish yet sporty swimwear you can look forward to at Jolyn? Then we have a small overview of categories for you here, which will help you to find a suitable product for you! 



Are you looking for sporty swimwear that doesn't slip and with which you can show your best performance, whether it's swimming, high diving or even water polo? Then we recommend our swimsuits. 


We categorize these based on two characteristics: the level of coverage in the back and the type of back lacing. So you can choose between the following swimsuit categories: 

Racer back swimsuit 

Tie-dye swimsuit 

Slim Coverage Swimsuit (String Design) 

Medium coverage swimsuit

Full Coverage Swimsuit (Concealing) 


If you're not sure what level of coverage is right for you, we've designed the Swimsuit Coverage Advisor! 



High-quality bikinis are waiting to be discovered by you! Whether bikini tops or bottoms at Jolyn you can look forward to a wide variety. We have so-called Brazil bikinis, but also triangle bikinis in our range, which emphasize your body shape and are not only an eye-catcher when sunbathing! You are welcome to wear our tops and bottoms however you like, because Mix&Match is the motto.


As with swimsuits, we differentiate between bikinis based on the same two characteristics: coverage level and back closure. 

Coverage Level: 

Bikini bottoms (covering, medium, brazil) 

Bikini Tops (covering, medium, with cleavage) 


back closure: 

Bikini tops to tie 

Bikini tops without closure 


Our aforementioned Bikini Advisor will help you choose the right level of coverage, whether it's bikinis or swimsuits. Depending on how much you want to cover your butt, we have a whopping three levels of coverage to choose from! Cut a good figure on the beach, pool or at the lake with our high-quality swimwear! 


Our recommendation for you! 

Now you are asking yourself “Which bikini suits me?” This depends on several factors, in addition to your body shape, you should make sure that you choose the right size. Too often we buy sporty swimwear that is too small or too big and complain that it doesn't fit. 


For this reason, you should definitely use our bikini size chart to be sure that your swimwear fits. Also think about whether you would rather use a bikini or swimsuit and click through our numerous models. You will be amazed by the variety and will soon be able to hold your high-quality bikinis or bathing suits in your hands. Whether it's for a swim race, relaxing on the beach or a fun day at the pool with your friends - whatever it is, let our swimwear take you there. Non-slip, high-quality and also incredibly fashionable, what more could you wish for?


If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to your message!

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