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Swimming for more self-confidence 

Psychologists advise accepting yourself as possible, as this is an important prerequisite for mental and physical health. Well, that's easier said than done. On the contrary, many people struggle with themselves and their appearance.
Do you feel addressed by it? We'll tell you what swimming can do to your well-being, your self-esteem and your health.

Can swimming improve your self-esteem? 

Most of us know it: Again and again we resolve to do more sport and eat more healthily. In the initial euphoria of good intentions, for example, we want to go jogging 5 times a week, do Nordic walking or the like. However, very few of us can switch to high-performance sport from now on. The result is often resignation and frustration. Therefore, it is better to practice a policy of small steps.
Swimming has the advantage that almost everyone can do it. Even people who suffer from weight problems or should take care of their joints for health reasons can usually swim without any problems. The advantage: You have done something moderate for your own health and can be satisfied with yourself. In addition, you will discover by the way that the rest of humanity is not only made up of models with a flawless figure, as the advertising would lead us to believe. And that's comforting!
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Shame in the swimming pool

Many people and especially women do not dare to go to the swimming pool because they do not feel comfortable in their own body and therefore feel ashamed. If you belong to this group, we have some tips for you on how to overcome your shame in the swimming pool:
- To start with, choose a swimming pool that is not near you, so as not to run into anyone you know.
- Spiritual support: take your best friend with you.
- Swim in swimwear that is a little less revealing, such as Jolyn’s Onesies Collection
- Have a towel on hand to wrap around you in case you feel uncomfortable.
… & very important:
- Love your body: look around and realize that the world is not a fashion catalog, but that beauty lies in the peculiarities of each individual!
Once you've jumped into the deep end, you'll see that it's half as bad.

Can you lose weight with swimming?

Swimming is one of the best sports for effectively exercising all muscles. After a while you will notice that the skin is firmer, the body is gaining contours and you simply feel better because the blood circulation is stimulated overall.
(Tip: Use skin cream after swimming, as the difference in pH between water and skin can have a drying effect on your skin.
Of course, many are wondering whether you can also specifically lose weight by swimming. The answer is: yes! It is estimated that we burn 500 calories in an hour of breaststroke swimming, the calorie consumption of course depending on the intensity of the swim. Anyone who scratches quickly for an hour consumes an average of 900 kcal. But who can scratch quickly for an hour?
In this respect, the fact that we build muscles through swimming, which burn energy even when we are at rest, outweighs the possibility of losing weight within a short time by swimming. Still, half an hour of leisurely swimming is of course a better investment in your own figure than spending the same amount of time on the sofa.

Swimming or jogging? 

Naturally, we burn most of the calories when we jog briskly. However, jogging, for example, puts stress on the joints. Swimming is therefore cheaper for people who suffer from joint problems or overweight. A classic case is when you have had a knee operation or suffer from knee problems. When you swim, you gently train your joints and muscles without putting too much strain on them.
There are also specific aquasport offers for people who suffer from certain health problems (obesity, osteoporosis, etc.). Providers are, for example, the health insurance companies. So you can inquire whether there are such offers in your area. This has the further advantage that such courses take place in groups, which also creates social contacts with people who have similar problems.
I can make many other arguments for starting swimming. Of course, not every sport suits everyone. However, swimming is definitely worth a try.
And last but not least, an appeal to all mothers: If you take your little ones to the swimming pool for training, treat yourself to a little break and also go for a swim. Your body and mind will thank you and your mood will also have a positive effect. Try it out, you won't regret it!
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