Will you continue to send items to the UK?

~ Absolutely, we could not imagine to be without you!

How will the import VAT be handled ?

~ All orders that are less than £135 pounds should be delivered without the need to pay any duty but other charges like import VAT might occur. Shipments where the total of goods is > £135 must have VAT and duty paid upon import and it is a responsibility of a customer. We should have a prepay option at the checkout available soon so called DDP. At the moment we sent items via DDU/DAP (delivery duty unpaid)

Generally most of the customers that placed orders below the 135 pounds value (about 150 euro) did not have extra charges imposed, some had small amount for import VAT.

Orders over 135 pounds will have import VAT and duty + handling fees added.

If the package is returned to JOLYN EUROPE as declined by customer, the customer forfeits the original shipping cost and fees associated with transfer and change of address   If the shipping has been free, we will deduct the regular cost of shipping from when the items are returned to the warehouse and add the additional fees associated with transfer costs will also be deducted from the order amount.These fees are approximately 150 euro Ouch...

Disclaimer: Things about Brexit and importing goods to the UK are still evolving. We are closely working with a UK based accounting company that is making sure we offer the best possible options given the moment. We reserve the right to update the export/import rules.

What incoterms are you using?

Delivery at Place - DAP, the seller only transports the goods to the port (seaport, train or airport of departure); the customer has to pay import tariffs and VAT when applicable

Will you change the incoterms to more customer friendly option?

Yes, we are actively working on changing to Delivered Duty Paid DDP, in addition to organising full transport to the customer’s site, the seller takes care of all the Brexit VAT and customs bother for the import. Only under items under the 135 value. we should have a prepay option for duty costs soon.

What is the products' preferential origin?

~Our products are of USA, Mexico or Taiwan preferential origin.

Will my package be subject to extra duty charges and handling fees?

~ It is possible that it may. Orders will be held at GB customs. You will be contacted by DHL Express upon delivery to pay the duty and any handling fee that’s due. Once this is paid, your order will be released and sent to you. This generally happens only if the items are valued over 135 pounds.

Will my order be delayed?

~ It’s not 100% certain right now but, yes, it is likely that your order could be held at customs and delayed. However we have opted to work with the DHL Express to send you your package and they are known for their speedy and reliable service.

During these times of uncertainties we ask for your patience and support. We will update anything concerning Brexit as soon as we know more. We are on a mission to make things even better for you:)



We are resuming our UK collection address so the returns are hassle free too! In case you need to make a return please follow the steps on our returns page and we will let you know what the next steps are.


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